Producer and artist production agreement template

Choose the option that best describes what type of production project the agreement will cover. If the choice needed for this project isn't listed here, click "Other," as that will cover a range of other production options. Music Production Agreement. Producer and Client may be referred to individually as "Party" and collectively as the "Parties.

NOW, therefore, in consideration of the promises and covenants contained herein, as well as other good and valuable consideration the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledgedthe Parties do hereby agree as follows:. A "Production Services" shall be used to refer to the following specific services that the Producer will provide to the Client under the terms and conditions set forth herein:.

Artist/Producer Contracts: The Fundamentals

The Production Services will specifically include the ability and responsibility of the Producer to deal with all requisite third parties, including, but not limited to, securing the rights to any intellectual property needed to complete production of the Work.

B "Project" shall be used to refer to the particular project that the Parties will be working on together, specifically:. C "Work" shall be used to refer to the completed work product provided by Producer to Client at the completion of this Project. D "Commencement Date" shall be used to refer to the date the Producer begins work on the Production Services for the Client. E "Completion Date" shall be used to refer to the date that the Producer will complete or cease the provision of Production Services to the Client.

F "Minimum Required Time" shall be used to refer to the minimum amount of time that the Producer must devote to the provision of Production Services under the terms of this Agreement. The Producer will keep the Client apprised of how much time is being spent on the provision of Production Services, and will provide a breakdown of time upon Client's Request. If the Producer dedicates more than the Minimum Required Time to the provision of Production Services, the Fees will not be increased unless prior written approval is given by the Client and any such increase has been agreed to by both Parties.

producer and artist production agreement template

If the Producer does not spend at least the Minimum Required Time in providing the Production Services, the Fees will be reduced pro-rata for the percentage of the Minimum Required Time actually completed, or otherwise in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, unless otherwise agreed. G "Key Dates" shall be used to refer to specific dates during the time period that the Production Services are being rendered that the Producer agrees to meet specific events or deadlines.

The Key Dates will be as follows:. H "Fees" shall be used to refer to the payment Client will pay to Service Provide for the rendering of the Production Services. Specifically, the fees shall be as follows:. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Producer hereby agrees to render the Production Services to Client, beginning on the Commencement Date and ending on the Completion date, along with meeting the specified Key Dates, and Client agrees to pay Producer the Fees required for the Production Services.

The Client agrees to pay the Service Provide the required Fees, as outlined elsewhere in this Agreement, for the provision of the Production Services, subject to the following terms and conditions:. A Invoice Interval: The Producer will be entitled to invoice the client at the following time period: Weekly.

B Invoice Period: The Client shall have the following time period in which to pay the Producer's invoice:. C Method of Payment: Producer will accept the following forms of payment:. D Expenses: The Producer is permitted to charge for all reasonable and necessary costs and expenses incurred in performing the Production Services, including but not limited to traveling, photocopying, courier services and postage, subject to agreement from the Client.

E Penalties: If the Client does not pay the invoiced and required amount by the date stated in the invoice or as otherwise provided for in this Agreement, the Producer shall be entitled to:. III cease performance of the Production Services completely or until payment is made, at the Producer's sole and exclusive discretion. F Tax Statement: Any and all charges payable under this Agreement are exclusive of taxes, surcharges, or other amounts assessed by state or federal governments.

Taxes imposed upon or required to be paid by Client or Producer shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of each, respectively. In accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Producer acknowledges and agrees that all work done by Producer for Client, including the finished production Project, shall be considered "work-made-for-hire" and shall be the sole and exclusive intellectual property of the Client.

Client shall maintain all rights to ownership, control, licensing, and exploitation of the completed Work. Additionally, Producer may create certain intellectual property "Created IP"including, but not limited to, plans, drawings, specifications, reports, advice, analyses, designs, methodologies, code, artwork, or any other intellectual property as required to render the provision of Production Services to the Client.

Unless the Parties otherwise agree, any such Created IP generated by the Producer in connection with the provision of Production Services to the Client shall belong to the Client. Any intellectual property provided by the Client to the Producer to assist in the provision of Production Services, that was not created by Producer pursuant to this Agreement, shall belong to the Client.

Producer is entitled to spend the budget as necessary for the Project, in a reasonable manner. The Producer represents and warrants that it will perform the Production Services using reasonable care and skill for a Producer in their field and that any end products or materials given by the Producer to the Client under the terms and conditions of this Agreement will not infringe on or violate the intellectual property rights or any other right of any third party.

producer and artist production agreement template

Except in cases of death or personal injury caused by either party's negligence, either party's liability in contract, tort or otherwise arising through or in connection with this Agreement or through or in connection with the completion of obligations under this Agreement shall be limited to Fees paid by the Client to the Producer.

To the extent it is lawful, neither Party shall be liable to the other Party in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise for any loss, damage, costs or expenses of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered by that other Party of an indirect or consequential nature including without limitation any economic loss, data loss, loss of goodwill, or other loss of turnover, profits, or business.

Client hereby agrees to indemnify Producer, and all of Producer's agents, employees, and representatives against any and all damage, liability, and loss, as well as legal fees and costs incurred, as a result of any wrongdoing or unlawful acts by the Client, related to or arising out of the Partes' relationship as outlined in this Agreement.

Producer hereby agrees to indemnify Client, and all of Client's agents, employees, and representatives against any and all damage, liability, and loss, as well as legal fees and costs incurred, as a result of any wrongdoing or unlawful acts by the Producer related to or arising out of the Parties' relationship as outlined in this Agreement.I work at a startup that creates software for filmmakersand we see how busy you are every day, so we collected the most helpful templates, guides and checklists out there to make your life a little easier.

Much of your planning happens well before production, including trying to get investors on board and starting to determine who your audience will be. Here are some templates for early steps, including a form for "optioning" a story that you want to produce, and a director's worksheet that lays out what you'd like to see happen in each scene.

Guide to Formatting a Screenplay - Final Draft 3. Storyboarding is a cornerstone of the filmmaking process. We've also included a moodboard sheet for establishing the visual style of your film. Storyboard - Filestage 9. Storyboard - Sonnyboo Video is no longer available: s3-us-west TV Storyboard - Film Contracts.

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Organization is the key to a successful shoot. With the help of a shot list, you can easily arrange single shots within any given scene.

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You can determine, for example, the number of shots necessary to capture a particular action most effectively. Give it a try with one of these practical templates. Camera Shot List - Filmsourcing Camera Shot List Advanced - Filmsourcing. Here you can find helpful templates providing detailed descriptions of scenes, and the equipment and personnel assigned to each one.

This way, you never lose sight, and can make sure everything is going according to plan. While making a film, you or your producer have to keep a lot of things in mind and, before you know it, you can easily go over budget. This compilation of templates will help make sure that you don't lose sight of your financial statements. Some of them additionally provide examples of budgeting.

Once you have a budget, you have to actually do the accounting. Maintaining an overview of your finances and money flow is crucial. Check your financial resources by making notes of their movement. These forms will help you keep track.Entertainment Contracts. This agreement sets out the commitments of both parties and the compensation and royalties payable to the music artist. Please select a state. Attorney prepared Our forms are kept up-to-date and accurate by our lawyers. Unlike other sites, every document on FindLegalForms.

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producer and artist production agreement template

There are no hidden charges or subscription fees, it's just plain free. Description Details Reviews. This agreement sets out the specific commitments and services the artist will render, recording procedures and the compensation paid to artist for the recordings.

In addition, it also sets out the rights of the recording company and how royalties are calculated and paid to artist. It is imperative that this business deal be clearly set out in writing rather than via an oral agreement. Protect your rights and your property by purchasing this attorney-prepared form.

It is not necessarily what the actual form looks like and does not include the information, instructions and other materials that come with the form you would purchase.

An actual sample can also be viewed by clicking on the "Sample Form" near the top left of this page. Number of Pages Dimensions Designed for Letter Size 8.FilmmakersFans here giving you an opportunity to download the sample agreement between a Producer and Writer.

In the business of writing its very important to get things in writing. It benefits both the producer and writer involved in a project. However, a majority of writers are quite sceptical about the legal documentation involved in the process.

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But there is nothing to get afraid of those contracts if you have the skills to read and comprehend which are the basic requirements to be a writer. So if you ask me, a writer is the perfect person to understand a legal contract. And if you still have doubts, let filmmakers fans help you in understanding the agreement between a producer and a writer.

An agreement talks about the following key points but not limited to :. After the introduction of both parties on the first page, this is the first thing that appears in an agreement. As the title suggests, it decides the projects renumeration and any compensation or additional fee if applicable. The artist must check the figures twice in this section to make sure its the right amount. One of the most critical sections of the agreement; contains the Non Disclosure clause that forbids any other person not involved in the project from knowing anything about the project.

How Producers Get Paid: Front End or Back End? w/CashMoneyAP, Kato on the Track and Abe Batshon

Not even you girlfriend can know about this, legally speaking! In this section, the producers simply remind you that though you are the one bringing the project to life, its them who own it. If there is a piece in the ownership for the creative, its mentioned here. Basically means that the creative is working solely for the producers.

It can be avoided if the creative is not hired exclusively. Only a few producers include this section, that too only if you salaried. In many cases the producers put a one sided clause that does not oblige them to provide a notice to the creative before getting rid of them.

This method is not only unethical but can also be challenged in a court of law. This is the contingency plan if something bad is to happen. Both the parties are protected with a monetary insurance in this clause. This clause is mostly used by big companies who have rivals snooping in for inside intel on their work practices and projects. Any good company prohibits a creative to solicit their rival for some time after their contract ends.

This is perhaps the most biased clause of all the agreements. In here, the producer tries to tell the creative that if push comes to shove and both parties have to hire a lawyer, the company has the right to decide an arbitrator and the judicial area. This again, like any clause in an agreement can be challenged before signing.

So these were the 10 basic clauses that make up most of the producer-writer agreements. Remember, you as a creative can challenge any clause in an agreement and negotiate over it before signing, but once you sign that document, its your ethical and legal obligation to respect the terms and conditions agreed upon by both you and the producer.

Here is a sample agreement in its entirety for you to read and understand. Follow us on Facebook! Ask a Question.

FilmmakersFans will respond to it within next few minutes.

Artist/Music Producer Agreement

Try Now. Prasad AKN.

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Do Indian screen writers publish their screenplay into a novelafter the filming and commercial release is done? Filmmakers Fans — the Complete movie making website for Indian Filmmakers presenting the real ranking of Details such Film festivals are really a great platform for amateur filmmakers and film lovers across the world Infographics are visual representations of knowledge presented in a quick and clear way.Here are free beat license agreements templates and free music contract templates for you to download.

If you sell beats online you can use these contracts for leasing or selling exclusive beats. Free Music Contracts — Over 20 contract templates. Artist Producer Contract.


Work for Hire Music Producer Contract. Sample Work For Hire Agreement. Producers Service Agreements — Over 30 different contracts. Music Business Contracts — Over 90 different contracts. Free Exclusive Contract. Exclusive Rights Contract Template. Exclusive License Agreement Generator. Non-Exclusive License Agreement Generator. Create a professional website to sell beats, products, and music. Offer music services. We have been teaching music production to producers since We create articles on making music, promotion, and software.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Search for: Search. It is suggested to always have an experienced music attorney check agreements before using them.

Free Music Contract Templates 1. Artist Producer Contract 4.Great news. Now the producer sends over a page contract full of legalese regarding record royalties, songwriting splits, SoundExchange revenues, producer advances and more. Before you enter the studio, here are some key points to look for and understand:.

First and foremost, you should own the master recordings once the producer fee is paid. In rare circumstances, the producer might own the masters or have some co-ownership interest, but that is definitely not the norm. Almost always, you should own the masters. A point is simply a percentage of record sales.

My advice: make sure that there is language inserted that allows you to recoup all expenses related to the production and exploitation of the masters before these points kick in. See my article here for more on SRLP vs. I find that more and more producers are demanding a percentage of SoundExchange revenues on songs they produce.

Obviously, lower is better for you as artist. This is perhaps the most important point to consider: is your producer a co-writer? See my article here for guidance on such a determination. I recommend that you have this discussion as to whether you intend to co-write with the producer before recording commences. My advice: If the producer is indeed a co-writer, you need to ensure that they assign administrative rights in the compositions to you.

Otherwise, the court will assume that your producer is not a co-writer. The Music Producer Agreement should clearly define how much you are paying the producer, either per song or via an hourly rate. My advice: go with per song, otherwise you might be surprised by the bill at the end of the project.

In other words, half the producer fee is considered a recoupable cost, and half is not. A typical timeline in terms of payment of the producer fee is half before recording starts and half upon completion. In other words, if you want to keep more of your royalties and SoundExchange and can afford ityou can offer a higher per-song producer fee.

The same goes the other way, if you are short on funds, you might be able to offer more on the other end. There are many other important clauses in a music producer agreement, but this is a great start. My door is always open.However, once they have decided to collaborate on a project, each party should express their intentions clearly in order to avoid excessive confusion in the future.

For example, the parties should discuss whether they intend to be joint authors in the musical work or whether the recording will be considered a work made for hire.

Generally, an agreement should be in place when there is money on the table or significant risk involved, however, both artists and producers should speak to a music attorney in order to assess the risk involved in pursuing a relationship without a written agreement in place and calculate the cost of negotiating and drafting such an agreement.

It is important to note that as an artist or producer progresses in their career as a creative professional, they may enter into other contracts with record labels, publishers, and other artists. Some of these agreements may require the artist to make certain representations and warranties regarding their rights in their music and their ownership of the relevant intellectual property. Ownership and control of the master recording must be explicitly stated in the contract.

However, where more fluid relationships are concerned, the producer may be working for free or they may make extensive creative contributions to the extent that said producer would expect to receive some portion of the master recording. Producers are typically also given a percentage of the musical composition based on their contributions during the songwriting process. The producer agreement may include specific credit language that should be used in connection with the song. Some producers are paid an hourly rate for their time, while others are paid a flat fee for specific services including recording, mixing and mastering.

Furthermore, there are producers who prefer to receive points on the back end or a larger ownership percentage of the master or composition in exchange for a much smaller fee up front. Skip to content. Often times, the artist-producer relationship is laid back and casual due to the nature of the music industry and the people therein. Some artists and producers avoid explicitly discussing the details of their relationship as it can negatively influence the workflow and creative atmosphere when there is too much business and money talk.

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Nevertheless, the artist-producer relationship is one of the most important relationships that exist in the music industry and there are key contract terms to discuss when both parties are ready to get down to business.

Composition Split: Producers are typically also given a percentage of the musical composition based on their contributions during the songwriting process. Trademark Center Launch. We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of cookies. To learn more about how we use cookies, please see our Cookie Policy. Accept Cookie Policy.

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